Systems & Random Numbers

I saw this at a training and found it very helpful to demonstrate that having a system or plan and or a focus of attention can help you solve problems more quickly.  This is my first attempt at creating an eLearning version of it.

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  1. Gary Sidoti

    Thanks Wendy. I noticed that you might have to try the preview function here a couple of times to get it to load. Also, it has a weird glitch with the preview here, where the first time you hit GO it activates one of the count circles rather than actually starting at the beginning. I just closed it and hit review again and it worked fine. This was while I was using Firefox.

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    Rhonda Thompson

    Gary this is very timely! I was spending time trying to work on moving the old paper numbers activity to Lectora and could not get the variables to work the way I wanted. I decided to come out to the community to ask for some suggestions (help) and here you already have the activity ready for my use. Thank you, thank you! And the results page to show increase or decrease in efficiency is great. I would like to put a variable in place that stops you from being able to click other numbers out of order highlighting the appropriate number only after it is has been clicked in the correct number order. I thought I had it, but could only get it to work for the first two numbers. Any ideas?

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