This list is killing me!!!

Hello Gang,

I’m having a bit of a problem. I was wondering if anyone else has run in to the problem of using a list to call up different text or functions and had over half of them not work? So here is what I’m trying to do… I have a forms drop list of items that I’m trying to have different external text show up, next to it, upon selection of the items in the list. I have tried just about everything I know how to do to get it to work. I have tried setting the conditional statement from “Contains” to “Equal to”, I’ve changed the Value from abbreviations that are listed to the full text of what it’s to look for. I have tried to use variables that change the value of variable1 upon section of said text, by means of the aforementioned conditional statements. Lets just say that just short of writing Java script to do this same thing I have tried everything Lectora has to offer to accomplish this task. I have attached the latest file that I  worked on for someone to try to see if they can figure it out. PLEASE HELP!! I am at wits end.

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Additional files: Book12017-10-19_8-16-46

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