Visual Feedback Question Examples

These Library Objects demonstrate how you can show visual feedback (in this case a check mark or an X) for individual items in both a Multiple Response question and a Matching question.

To use a Lectora Online Library Object (.wwo), select Library Objects > Insert a Library Object on the Tools ribbon. On the dialog box that opens, click the Import From File button and browse to the .wwo file you want to import. Once the file is located, click the Import button and the Library Object will expand in the Title Explorer automatically.

To use a Lectora Desktop Library Object (.awo), simply drag and drop the .awo file into the open Lectora application and it will expand in the Title Explorer of the current title automatically.

For instructions on how to save a Library Object for reuse to your own library, see this article from the Knowledge Base.

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Additional files: Visual_Feedback_Questions_LOv2

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  1. Profile photo of Laura Gillenwater
    Laura Gillenwater

    This is great!! I’ve always done this manually (when I’ve needed it), but it will be great to have it more automated!

    One suggestion…at the end of these add-ins articles, can you include the instructions for how to add the item to your library? I’m not sure that everyone always remembers what to do with the file once they download it…

    1. Profile photo of Wendy Miller
      Wendy Miller Post author

      Excellent suggestion, Laura. I’ve just added the instructions for this one. 🙂

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