Visual Feedback Question Update

One thing that always irritates me as a UI-designer is the fact that a lot of courses have little selection spots when using radio buttons and checkboxes. Notice that with a courseware developer i work a lot with, and seeing that in some of the shared content here too.

And its a easy fix in Lectora if you are paying attention to that. So based on Wendy Millers Visual Feedback Question .awt i made some improvements i think are good.

What i changed?

– Enlarging the hotspots of the checkboxes by using 2 transparant pngs instead of the default Lectora checkbox.

– Adding a Javascript Tween for showing the correct/incorrect elements

Actually i should have added a rollover for the checkboxes..but just thinking of that now 😉

Preview image

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  1. Profile photo of Math Notermans
    Math Notermans Post author

    Thx Wendy. All Greensocks GSAP Javascript tweening. Used it in Flash for years, and now my favourite tweening library for HTML5 and Javascript. I could make some more examples if you want.

    1. Profile photo of Wendy Miller
      Wendy Miller

      Sure! Maybe you could post another share about how to use Greensock in Lectora titles that shows some examples. I’ll bet a lot of people would really dig that! I used to use TweenMax with Flash years ago, but I haven’t tried Greensock in a Lectora title yet. I definitely need to check it out! 🙂

  2. Profile photo of Trav Owers
    Trav Owers

    Yes I have often wanted to increase the size. Glad to see someone has done it.

    If only there was an action On Mouse Click change Status of check box/ radio button.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Profile photo of Math Notermans
    Math Notermans Post author

    Your welcome Trav. As a side note about the option of replacing a default checkbox in Lectora Online. If checking out the question or the checkbox alone, you will not be able to replace the default. In Online you need to check out the complete title to change that default.

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