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Show Me the Many: All About Grouping Objects and Actions​

One of the most useful tools in Lectora and Lectora Online is the Group object. By grouping several objects together, you can edit your titles more easily, as well as create interactions which perform multiple actions simultaneously, or single actions against multiple objects. In this session we’ll discuss the advantages of using groups, and review examples in which groups are employed to enable functionality that would otherwise require independent actions.

Video Game Design and Mechanics

In this session, past Lectora User Conference presenters Bill Jamison and Karin Ewing of Cincinnati Bell will show how to combine action and adventure with learning, using common video game themes. In this webinar, attendees will learn how to use Lectora actions and variables to recreate engaging and interactive video game dynamics, develop a relatable protagonist, and add game elements such as battling bosses, collecting items and uncovering secrets.