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CourseMill: Assigning Students to a Reporter

This article applies to CourseMill 7.5 and higher. If you need to upgrade your instance, contact cmupgrade@trivantis.com. Thinking of submitting a support ticket? This article may assist if you are experiencing any of the following in CourseMill: Reporter cannot see students When a Reporter runs a report (native CourseMill reports or Advanced Reports) the results […]

Custom Reports Made Easy

Can your LMS do custom reports like this? Join John Laws, Director of Learning Management Systems for Trivantis, as he shares how you can use CourseMill to deploy and track your training content. Discover how CourseMill’s new Advanced Reports feature lets you easily create custom reports, charts, and graphs. Learn how to add links to your desktop for immediate access to data without needing to log in. It’s so easy to track training results with CourseMill and John is here to show you how!