How Bribes Are Paid

Scenario: Kevin oversees a team of contract negotiators. Kim is on that team.

Hi Kim. How are the negotiations going with the Fauxlandia contract? Any progress yet?

Well, the minister has asked that we make a sizable donation to a local charity in her area. It sounds like a good cause and might help our image. What do you think?

I see what you mean, Kevin. If she wasn't deliberately asking for a bribe then I'm sure she'll understand that a donation at this time could reflect badly on everyone.

Sure, why not? We can expense it as marketing. Our image could use some enhancement there.

The minister is a key decision maker about choosing our company, so we should decline. A donation could be viewed as an attempt to improperly influence.

Sounds like a win-win all around. We have plenty of cash left in the discretionary fund. Plus it would be a tax write-off.

We really need this contract, so lets do it. Would you mind making the donation from your personal account? I promise you'll get it back in next month's bonus.

How should Kevin respond?


Charitable contributions aren't always off the table. But in this case, making the donation could be seen as an attempt to bribe the minister in charge of the contract decision.


This decision by Kevin could lead to a bribery investigation. Please try again.