Process Flowchart with Visited State Buttons

A flowchart is an effective way to represent how a process works and to explain the decisions guiding that process. You can build a flowchart interaction using only native Lectora shapes and text buttons.


This interaction also demonstrates one way to show that a piece of information has already been shown, or that a button has already been clicked. Each button group contains two buttons representing "visited" and "unvisited" states. When the "unvisited" button is clicked, the "visited" button is shown and the "unvisited" button is hidden.


A user-defined variable (_VisitedButtons) keeps track of which buttons have already been visited. So if the learner leaves and returns to the page, the "Show Previously Visited Buttons" action group will run, and the "visited" versions of the buttons will be shown for those already visited.


Both versions of the buttons have actions to show the associated pop-up information.